The HERA Network Co-ordination is carried out by one or more of the partner organisations which co-ordinate the activities of the whole HERA network

The HERA Network Co-ordination is responsible for the following activities

  • prepare and implement the HERA strategy
  • prepare annual activity plans and ensure that activities are carried out on time
  • prepare HERA Network Board and Management Team meetings and meeting documents

The Network Co-ordination group is appointed for a period of three years and can be re-appointed once by the HERA Network Board. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), The German Aerospace Centre DLR and RANNIS – The Icelandic Centre for Research are the current HERA co-ordinators and will remain in this role until 2020.

HERA Handling Agencies

The implementation of HERA funding programmes is entrusted to a central Handling Agency. Implementation is split into two phases – the selection and post-selection phase. These roles have been assigned by the HERA Joint Research Programme Board to two different HERA partners who closely liaise with each other.

Handling Agency 1: Selection Phase

The Handling Agency for the selection phase of HERA Joint Research Programmes prepares all call documents and applicant instructions; coordinates wide announcement of the funding call; deals with general application queries, receives and checks applications; runs the two-step selection process (outline and full proposals); sets up the review panel and peer reviewer selection, runs panel meetings and prepares final recommendations for funding for the HERA JRP Board. In particular, it is responsible for leading the coordination and management activities regarding the Joint Call.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) fulfils this role for the HERA Network.

Handling Agency 2: Post Award Phase

The Handling Agency for the post award stage of HERA Joint Research Programmes is responsible for the grant negotiations with successful projects, financial management of all the transnational projects on behalf of all the funding agencies, makes payments to projects and partners and dealing with grant queries. The Handling Agency 2 is also responsible for the organisation of the launch and final joint research programme events and knowledge exchange activities. It also ensures that project progress reports are submitted and reviewed, and is also engaged in the communication and press activities, which include the website management, as well as the promotion of the HERA Network on social media.

The Irish Research Council fulfils this role for the HERA network.