In 2017, HERA appointed two Impact & Knowledge Exchange Fellows to work with HERA funded projects and to consider the wider impact of HERA funding over all of its joint research programmes.

Working closely with the existing HERA Board and Management Team, the HERA Impact & Knowledge Exchange Fellows will

  • Create and evidence coherent, strong narratives that promote the HERA network, its funding programmes and the individual projects to wider audiences across Europe and beyond, including policy groups, NGOs, business and the third level sector.
  • Provide advice to individual Project Leaders, Principle Investigators and Associated Partners, enabling the sharing of issues as well enabling new opportunities
  • Support and encourage knowledge exchange at both a project and programme level
  • Dissemination of Programme level results through a variety of routes including publications and non-traditional, non-textual outputs
  • Consider and put forward specific recommendations on the capturing the longer term impacts from HERA funding and sustainability issues

Following a competitive application process Prof. Joanna Sofaer (University of Southampton) and Prof. Tony Whyton (Birmingham City University) were selected to fulfil these roles until 2020.