HERA Early Career Researcher Event

Professor Tony Whyton

Posted: 5 September, 2018

This month, we look forward to welcoming 50 Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to Smolenice Castle in Slovakia for a 4-day event designed to support interdisciplinary scholarship, career development and transnational networking among HERA projects and researchers from under-represented European countries.

Early Career Researchers play a key role in the successful delivery of HERA projects and are often responsible for developing new interdisciplinary methodologies and exchanging research ideas with non-academic audiences.

In recognising the importance of ECRs to the current HERA programme and devising the event, we have consulted with projects to develop a picture of current developmental needs, challenges and opportunities. The ECR event will include peer-led sessions based on the research of participants, as well as workshops on a range of topics including digital humanities, impact and applied research, funding and evaluation, and open access publishing.

There will also be opportunities to engage in sessions on interdisciplinarity and critical thinking, as well as research ethics. Workshop leaders draw on a wealth of experience of working within and across different national contexts and, together, will provide a useful overview of the current European research landscape for the humanities.

As part of the event, we also recognise the potential of ECRs to become future research leaders and have provided opportunities for participants to meet with KE and Impact Fellows, workshop leaders and the HERA team, to discuss career development, current challenges and future opportunities.


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