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CinBA Project
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Of Authorship and Originality
Robe and petticoat, Sack back gown, Dress, France, 1775-1780, copyright  V & A
Memory at War
The Assembly Project
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Rhythm Changes: Willem Breuker and Han Bennink
Arctic Encounters
Travelling Texts 1790-1914

Welcome to HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area

HERA JRP “Uses of the Past”

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HERA JRP UP Full Proposal Phase

HERA JRP UP Full Proposals can only be submitted by applicants who have been selected by the HERA JRP UP Board during the Outline Proposal Phase, and who have been invited by the HERA JRP UP Handling Agency. Full Proposals must be submitted by Project Leaders via the online application form before the deadline of Thursday, 8 October 2015, 14:00 CEST (Brussels local time).

Please carefully read all documents and make sure to use the application template (Word) and budget template (Excel) to prepare the Full Proposal. Note that all documents have been updated for the Full Proposal phase and must be checked again.

Both the PL and the PIs in the consortium are advised to check the relevant National Eligibility Requirements, as those provide important updated information on how to fill out the budget tables, statements of PI institutions, letters of commitment, etc.

If needed, please contact the National Contact Point(s) or HERA JRP Handling Agency well before the submission deadline, in order to allow sufficient time to check and correct your application.

Submitting the Full Proposal

The application must be uploaded as one PDF document and must be submitted before the deadline.

Full Proposals must be submitted by invited Project Leaders via the online submission system Iris [ http://www.iris.nwo.nl/iris/servlet/iris?grant=GW0176; [opens in new window], hosted by NWO (HERA JRP UP Handling Agency).

Please carefully read the instructions. As accounts created for the submission of your Outline Proposal cannot be used, we recommend registering early. You can continue revising your application in Iris, but you can submit only once. Make sure to submit your application before the deadline, 8 October 2015, 14:00 CEST.

Downloads:Updated 29 July 2015

HERA JRP UP Guidelines for Applicants - Full Proposals

HERA JRP UP FAQ_Full Proposal

HERA JRP UP_Full Proposal Template (Word)(Updated17082015)

HERA JRP UP_Full Proposal Budget Table (Excel)

HERA JRP UP General and National Eligibility Requirements

HERA JRP UP Glossary Final Version

HERA JRP UP Keywords

HERA JRP UP Instructions for submitting Full Proposals (NEW)

HERA 'Uses of the Past' review panel -FULL PROPOSAL PHASE

For queries please contact your 'Uses of the Past' National Contact Point