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Of Authorship and Originality
Robe and petticoat, Sack back gown, Dress, France, 1775-1780, copyright  V & A
Memory at War
The Assembly Project
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Rhythm Changes: Willem Breuker and Han Bennink
Arctic Encounters
Travelling Texts 1790-1914

Welcome to HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area

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The recent HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) fundng call is closed for applications. The research programme will fund new and exciting humanities-centred projects involving researchers from four or more countries.

Funding is provided from HERA partners and The European Union is providing top-up funding via a COFUND grant to the HERA JRP UP initiative.

Uses of the Past Call is now closed

HERA announcement – ITALIAN RESEARCHERS:  Due to unforeseen changes to the National Eligibility Requirements: please check into the NER to ensure the eligibility of Italian partners.

All Italian participants must send to CNR a set of additional national documents as defined in the "Avviso integrativo nazionale" published on the CNR website. The direct link to the Avviso is:


The national additional documents must be sent to CNR by the end of the outline proposal phase, i.e. by 9 April 2015. Any participant who does not send its national documents by this deadline, will be considered ineligible. Note that this condition was not clearly included in the versions of the eligibility requirements that were published and distributed in January. We sincerely regret this.

HERA announcement – SPAIN re-join Uses of the Past

HERA are pleased to announce that our colleagues at MINECO and the Spanish Ministry have come to a resolution over the legal technicalities that led to Spain’s withdrawal in early January. As such Spain have re-joined the Uses of the Past call and Spanish researchers are eligible to apply for funding and be part of projects.

It is great news for European collaboration, potential HERA research projects, and Spanish research that Spanish Researchers can now be involved.

All the guidance documents have been updated to include Spain and Spanish regulations.