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University of Applied Arts Vienna
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Margarete Jahrmann is an artist and Professor for Game Design at the University of Arts Zurich. In Vienna at the University of Arts dieAngewandte Vienna she is lecturer in media arts and individual project leader of the European Union funded Humanities Research on creative FLOW and "Prosumer" cultures with the aim of an international exhibition in 2012 in Vienna on Pervasive Prosumer Plays. As an internationally renowned artist she exhibited worldwide in the last ten years, as for example in 2010 at Digital arts weeks Xian, China; at the Urban Games exhibition Space Invaders, in the  Netherlands Media Arts Institute NEMK Amsterdam and in the show game.Art at the FACT gallery Liverpool. A selection of further shows include 2009 Tales of Play, Alta Tecnología Andina Lima and Enter_Act, Kunstmuseum Aaros, 2008 Arco/ Laboral Gijon, SESC/ File Sau Paolo, 2007 DIGRA Tokyo. She  received major media arts awards as the distinction in interactive arts PrixArsElectronica 2003 and software arts award Transmediale Berlin 2004. 2006 she founded the international arts research association Ludic Society and since then edits the Ludic Society magazine. 2010 she submitted her doctoral thesis on Ludics — The Art and Politics of Play at the University of Plymouth, Caiia Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts with Roy Ascott as her direcrtor of studies. Her research focus lies on Play principles as cultural phenomenon in relation to media and agency. She investigates new  participatory research methods and political activism and subversion in hybrid media forms of intervention by arts. She frequently curates and publishes in the field of electronic network arts and critical culture. and


Margarete Jahrmann is

founder of Ludic Society

research associate "PERVASIVE PROSUMER PLAYS" die angewandte Vienna

Prof. Game Design ZHDK

Zürich University of the Arts


Research Interests: 

Pervasive Prosumer Plays


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