Prof. dr. Michael Punt

Professor in Art and Technology, Convenor Transtechnology Research
University of Plymouth
Portland Square B321, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA
+44 1752 586264
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+44 7973234341
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Michael Punt is Professor of Art and Technology at the University of Plymouth and convenor of Transtechnology Research. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Leonardo Reviews which publishes in excess of 200 reviews a year on art, science and technology. He completed his doctorate on the “Technological Imaginary and early cinema” at the University of Amsterdam in 2000. Between 1969 and1994 he had over one hundred exhibitions of his drawings and sculptures including … and has made 15 films. He has jointly produced two books on consciousness and audio-visual media. Since 1995 he has published over 80 articles on cinema history and digital technology. In the past five years he has given papers and keynotes in more than a dozen countries and is working on a two volume book project on technology and imagination during the ‘long twentieth century’. He currently leads a large joint research project with the VU, University Amsterdam, the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, the Eye Film Institute Netherlands and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. This project, funded through ESF/HERA, focuses on the interactions between experimental film and advertising in Europe.


Research Interests: 

Technology and Culture

- art and technology

- science and technology as a history of ideas

- popular interpretations of science in the late nineteenth century

Film Studies and Cinema History early cinema and technology early cinema film form

cinema history and theory

Current projects:

The Technological Imaginary:Science, Technology and the Popular Imagination



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