Prof. dr. Bert Hogenkamp

VU University Amsterdam / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Bert Hogenkamp is a media historian at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. He is also professor by special appointment at VU University Amsterdam, teaching and researching audiovisual productions that have been commissioned by industry, State and non-governmental organisations. In short: the sponsored film. This professorial chair is funded by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, which holds the largest audiovisual collection in the Netherlands.


Research Interests: 

As part of TEF Hogenkamp is looking into the effects of the introduction of video in the audiovisual sector in the 1970’s. It resulted not only in the birth of a new medium but it was also the start of a challenge with regard to the creative skills of the film-makers concerned. There was considerable resistance against the new medium. Film-makers were concerned about its quality: compared to film the image quality of video was poor, not to mention the limitations with regard to editing. Another concern was the lack of standardisation, with different systems being introduced and disappearing in quick succession. But video also offered advantages: it was cheaper and target groups could be reached more easily. In December 2010 Hogenkamp organised two seminars at Sound and Vision looking into the questions raised by the introduction of video, one for academics and one for practioners.

Project Title: