Dr. Rudmer Canjels

VU University Amsterdam

Rudmer Canjels is a researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. He has also given courses for Comparative Arts & Media Studies at VU University Amsterdam and Arts & Culture Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, on transmedia storytelling, paratexts, documentary films, and participatory fandom. He received his Ph.D at Utrecht University for a study on the international distribution and cultural transformation of silent film serials, and he has published various articles on silent film serials and seriality, as well as Distributing Silent Serials (Routledge, 2011). He has collaborated on the production of several documentaries for A History of Royal Dutch Shell (Oxford University Press, 2007) and done research on Shell and other industry-sponsored films.

Research Interests: 

For TEF, in collaboration with VU University and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Canjels researches the industrial films of the 1950s and 1960s, focusing on the construction of a collective imaginary of innovation, science and technology.

The project The Dynamics of Celluloid: Industrial Images and the Visualisation of Technology, Science and Innovation will research the dialogue that exists between film form and style, technology used, and the changing functions and contexts of the industrial films from the 1950s and 1960s. It will concentrate on the internationally distributed films by electronics companyPhilips, oil company Shell, and food corporation Unilever. These companies made hundreds of industrial films that demonstrated and explained important new technological processes and scientific developments to millions of people all over the world for purposes of teaching, study and promotion. They were frequently made by expert film production companies, using the latest filming techniques (such as special lenses, sensitive film stock, and sophisticated sound equipment). Industry sponsored films were distributed through many different exhibition types and methods, often in different versions for different local market or interests.

This project will investigate and explain how industrial films produced and made use of a collective imaginary of innovation, science and technology while contexts (e.g. classroom or fair), functions (e.g. education or promotion) and locality changed. Industrial films have contributed to the shaping of the image of science and this research project opens up important new views of how the visual language of film was used, adjusted, renewed and infused within this dynamic (cultural) exchange, made in a time that is often too easily considered as a period of normative documentary filmmaking that used reiterative film forms.




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- Contributions to books:

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- Journal (refereed):

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