Sharing Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Tradition of Greek and Arabic Wisdom Literatures (SAWS)

Project Participants

The overall aim of the project is to draw attention to the collections of maxims and wise sayings which, over centuries, have been a primary means for the conservation and dissemination of ideas throughout and beyond Europe: we wish to encourage scholars to examine the many strands of this tradition, which is woven into the fabric of European thought and attitudes. Our specific objective is to use new technology to publish Greek and Arabic collections of sayings, exploiting the medium to demonstrate the relationships between the collections and the texts on which they drew, and between the collections themselves; in particular we wish to demonstrate the importance of translations of such collections. We also intend to demonstrate the influence of these collections on medieval texts. By developing standards and tools for publishing this material, we intend to encourage and empower other scholars to publish some of the very large number of similar collections in many of the languages of Europe. We also hope, by making material available in this way, to reach a wider public, who may be interested in the genealogy of many common ideas and motifs.