Round table on Romani Teaching

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6 September 2012, Barcelona. As part of the programme of the 10th International Conference on Romani Linguistics the project co-ordinators Prof Yaron Matras (University of Manchester), Prof Peter Bakker (Aarhus University) and Prof Dieter Halwachs (University of Graz) led a round table discussion on Romani Teaching.

Current attempt at introducing Romani in the school curriculum of various countries like Finald, Serbia and Spain were discussed as were new and old teaching materials.

The round table saw the participation of international scholars and activists as well as members of the Spanish Gitanos community, generating a lively debate on the challenges and potential advantages of Romani teaching.

Project staff member also contributed to the conference with two well received papers on new vocabulary in Romani written sources (Barbara Schrammel-Leber, University of Graz) and the usage of Romani on YouTube (Daniele Viktor Leggio, University of Manchester).

Feedback from both the round table and the presentations was discussed during the consortium meeting held immediately after the conference.