Professor Tony Whyton

University of Salford
School of Media, Music and Performance, University of Salford, Adelphi Building, Peru Street, Salford Greater Manchester, M3 6EQ
United Kingdom
+44 (0)161 2957245

Over the past 13 years, I have developed an international reputation for my research work both in terms of individual outputs and research leadership. My research work deals specifically with music and its place within the creative industries, from the packaging of popular music to the iconic representations of jazz artists. I have also played an important role in promoting research as an enterprise and knowledge transfer activity, working closely with a variety of academic and professional bodies and disseminating my work in different contexts. As the founding editor of the international journal the source: challenging jazz criticism, I created the first peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal for jazz studies. Subsequently, I have developed my role as co-editor of the Jazz Research Journal with Equinox Publishing, expanding the editorial board and scope of the journal. My first book, entitled Jazz Icons: Heroes, Myths and the Jazz Tradition for Cambridge University Press, was published in 2010. My 2nd book, Beyond A Love Supreme is a cross disciplinary study of the musical and cultural influence of John Coltrane’s seminal album, and will be published by Oxford University Press in 2012. In addition to my book projects, I edited the jazz volume of the 8-volume Library of Essays on Popular Music with Ashgate, due for publication in 2011, and have contributed a chapter entitled ‘Europe and the New Jazz Studies’ to an edited volume on European Jazz, to be published by Northeastern University Press in 2011. This publication will be a significant output for the HERA Rhythm Changes project.

Research Interests: 

The New Jazz Studies, Music and Cultural Identity, Critical Musicology, Myth and Ideology, Post-Colonial Studies


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Project Title: 
Rhythm Changes
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