PULSE - new media project at the Maijazz Festival Stavanger

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Over the next week, several Rhythm Changes team members will be working together on a web and performance project.  There will be a performance at the Maijazz festival in Stavanger on Thursday 12 May featuring the Kitchen Orchestra and two Japanese visual artists.  Leading up to that event, Rhythm Changes researcher Andrew Dubber will be live-blogging, using video and other online tools to provide an insight into the process and the thinking behind that event.

This project feeds directly into the Rhythm Changes research questions concerning trans-national practice, the construction of community and the ways in which jazz is mediated in new media environments.

Follow the project, share ideas and get involved via the following link http://kitchenorchestra.tumblr.com or visit the Rhythm Changes website (www.rhythmchanges.net) for further information.