Rhythm Changes panel at the Current Issues in European Cultural Studies Conference

Event Date: 
Wed, 15/06/2011 - 10:00 to Fri, 17/06/2011 - 10:00
Louis de Geer
Norrköping, Sweden
Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identities
Today, the history of jazz is considered one of conflict and contestation; jazz is a critical discourse that has changed and adapted over time, feeding into issues of race, gender, class, identity and place.  Since the 1990s, New Jazz Studies scholars have drawn attention to the political or ideological backdrop in which jazz has been created and, most importantly, their methods have given rise to voices that have been previously excluded from jazz history, from women to the musicians themselves.  Today, the New Jazz Studies encapsulates a vast array of critical positions and yet, despite this plurality, the engagement with jazz outside of American contexts has been limited.  Ironically, in dispelling several mythologies about jazz, the New Jazz Studies has, arguably, failed to engage with the global spread of jazz and the inter-cultural exchanges that have occurred in the music since its inception. This panel engages with the challenges of rethinking the concepts and practices commonly identified with jazz as a result of these larger inter-cultural processes.
Rhythm Changes presenters: Dr Nicholas Gebhardt, Christa Bruckner Haring and Dr Tony Whyton.