CMPCP/IMR Seminar, ''Music from the hybridies': jazz as national and trans-national practice'

Event Date: 
Fri, 03/06/2011 - 18:00 to 19:30
Chancellor's Hall, Senate House
University of London
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Taking its title from an album by the Norwegian group Farmer's Market, this seminar examines the concept of national sound in jazz and the ways in which European jazz practice has previously been understood as a vehicle for asserting national identity. Drawing on performance examples from a range of European musicians, from Jan Gabarek to John Tchicai, Django Bates to Han Bennink, I suggest that European jazz practice works more effectively as a model for challenging cultural stereotypes and geographical boundaries than as an embodiment of national sound. Jazz is a practice that developed in Europe both through transatlantic influences and exchanges, so is ideally placed to explore wider issues surrounding identity and inheritance, enabling unique perspectives on how culture is exchanged, adopted and transformed. The session draws on research questions from the HERA-funded 'Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identities' project, and explores the way in which jazz practice feeds into bigger questions of politics, cultural identity and the changing Europe today.