Professor Jens Normann Jørgensen

Principal Investigator, Denmark site
University of Copenhagen
The Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (INSS), Njalsgade ,120 DK-2300, Copenhagen, Denmark
+ 45 35 32 83 64
Research Interests: 

Normann Jørgensen’s primary research interest is in sociolinguistics. Themes within this field include variationin spoken Danish,including classical dialects, urban language, and youth language; multilingualism,particularly the language behaviours of linguistic minority children and adolescents in Denmark, mainly Turkish-speakers; and language and education. He has published an extensive range of books and scholarly articles in these fields.



2008     (ed, withV.Lytra):Multilingualism and Identities Across Contexts. Cross- disciplinary perspectives on Turkish-speaking youth in Europe. Copenhagen Studies in Bilingualism vol. 45. University of Copenhagen Faculty of Humanities.
Including: - Multilingualism and Identities Across Contexts. Cross-disciplinary perspectives on Turkish-speaking youth in Europe, 5-14 (with V.Lytra).-Poly-Lingual Languaging. Evidence from Turkish-Speaking Youth, 129-150.
2008       Poly-Lingual Languaging Around and Among Children and Adolescents. In:International Journal of Multilingualism Vol.5:3,161-176.
2008     Urban wall languaging.In: International Journal of Multilingualism Vol.5:3,237-252).
2009     Poly-Lingual Languagingin Peer GroupInteraction.In:Nordisk tidsskrift for andrespräksforskningVol. 3:2, 39-56(withJ.S.Møller)
2009     Languaging.Nine years of poly-lingual developmentof young Turkish-Danish grade schoolstudents. Copenhagen: Danish Universityof Education.
2009     From Language to Languaging: Changing relations between humans and linguistic features.In: Acta Linguistica Hafniensia,vol.41.Routledge (with J.S.Møller)
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