Videos from the Electronic Literature Communities Seminar now online, Knowledge Base in Progress

Videos of presentations from the Electronic Literature Communities Seminar are now online at Vimeo.

The majority of the scholarly presentations have been processed and uploaded, and videos of performances are in progress. We have also been hard at work developing the platform for the ELMCIP Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base will develop based on the themes of the ELMCIP seminars and will include bibliographic records about works of electronic literature, critical and theoretical writing, important events, organizations, and people working in the field. In addition to basic bibliographic records, the Knowledge Base will host full-text articles, audio and video of presentations, and other important resources. We are using materials from the first ELMCIP seminar as a testbed for the new platform. Create an account to view the Knowledge Base in-progress. In coming months as we complete development, we will welcome contributions from writers, artists, and scholars around Europe, in addition to those from the researchers who are directly involved in the ELMCiP project.