Bergen Seminar on Electronic Literature Communities, Sept 20-21, 2010

The first seminar of the ELMCIP project was held September 20-21, 2010 in Bergen at Landmark Café at the Kunsthall and at the University of Bergen. The seminar focused on how different forms of community, based on local, national, language group, shared cultural practices and interest in particular literary and artistic genres, form and are sustained, particularly electronic literature communities. The program included a day-long public seminar on September 20th at the Landmark Kunsthall, where we examined specific cultural traditions in electronic literature, including examples from France, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, the USA, the community of interactive fiction, the Poetry beyond Text project in the UK, and others. We also heard from organizers of electronic arts and literary communities in Bergen. 

The second day of the seminar, at the University of Bergen, was focused on a meeting of project members and guests to work on and discuss ELMCIP projects under development: the ELMCIP online bibliographic knowledge base, an anthology of electronic literature, a survey of electronic literature publishing resources, and a major international conference which will include an exhibition and performances of electronic literature.

The second evening of the seminar included live performances, readings, and demonstrations of electronic literature, focused on examples from electronic literature communities highlighted during the first day of the seminar. Those performances are also open to the public. Full video documentation of the presentations seminar can be found on vimeo.