Maria Engberg

Associate Professor of English and Digital Media/Principal investigator
Blekinge Institute of Technology

Maria Engberg is an Assistant Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), where she is currently working with the establishment of a new Bachelor’s program in Digital Culture and Communication. Engberg holds a Ph.D. in English from Uppsala University (2007) on digital poetry, and is a Fulbright alumnus (2003-2004). Engberg’s research focuses on digital literature, contemporary verbal-visual literatures, graphic novels and comics, visual culture, and the impact of digital technologies on literature and culture with particular focus on digital media. Engberg is the author
of several articles on digital literature, including Aesthetics of Visual Noise in Digital Literary Arts (Cybertext Yearbook, 2010: and Morphing into New Modes of Writing: John Cayley’s riverIsland (Leonardo Electronic Almanac 14.5 2006). Her current projects include a collaborative book project on contemporary multimedia literature and a single-authored book on multimodal reading practices; an Augmented Reality locative media project in association with the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as collaborative articles on the role of the avant-garde in digital literary scholarship. Engberg is affiliated editor of the Electronic Literature Directory (2010-2012: She teaches digital literature and culture, American literature, graphic novels, literary theory, and visual culture and theory.

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