Øivind Fuglerud

Professor of Cultural Anthropology
University of Oslo, Norway Museum of Cultural History
PO Box 6762, St. Olavs plass 0130, Oslo, Norway

Educational background:

1996    : Doctor politicarum (Ph.D.) social anthropology, University of Oslo

(Thesis on forced migration from Sri Lanka)

1986    : Magister artium, social anthropology, University of Oslo

(Thesis on Buddhism and political violence in Sri Lanka)

1982    : Candidatus magisterii, lower degrees in history, philosophy and



Work experience:

2005 – : Professor, Museum of Cultural History, Ethnographic Department, University of Oslo; 2000 – 2005 : Research Director for migration research, Norwegian Social Research; 1997 –1999 : Senior researcher, Centre for Development, University of Oslo; 1992 – 1996 : Research fellow, Department of Anthropology, University of Oslo;

1988 – 1992 : Regional advisor for South Asia, Norwegian Directorate of Immigration


Research Interests: 

Forced migration & international refugee policy

Diaspora formations

Ethnic & political violence

Sri Lanka / South Asia



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2007 (ed.): Grenser for kultur? Perspektiver fra norsk minoritetsforskning. [Limits of culture. Perspectives from Norwegian minority research] Pax: Oslo (with joint editor Thomas Hylland Eriksen)

 In press: Kultur og generasjon. Somaliere og tamiler i Norge [Culture and generation. Somalis and Tamils in Norway] Universitetsforlaget: Oslo (Joint publication with Ada Engebrigtsen)

2004: ‘Constructing exclusion’. Social Anthropology 12(1): 1 – 16

2004: ‘Space and movement in the Sri Lankan conflict’. In Philomena Essed, GeorgFrerks and Joke Schrijvers (ed.): Refugees and the Transformation of Societies: Loss and Recovery

. Berghahn Books: London

6. 2005: ‘Inside out: the re-organisation of national identity in Norway’. In Thomas Blom Hansen & Finn Stepputat (ed.): Sovereign bodies. Citizens, migrants and states in the postcolonial world. Princeton University Press

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2006: ’Staten og flyktningene – eller ”Trademark Norway” og spørsmålet om utsidens innside’ [’The state and the refugees – or ’Trademark Norway’ and the question of the inside of the outside’], i Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift, Nr. 3-4: 225 – 232 

2007: ”Ekteskap, slektskap og vennskap: Nettverksanalyse som inntak til kulturelle prosesser” [’Marriage, kinship and friendship: Network analysis as an approach to cultural processes’], i Øivind Fuglerud og Thomas Hylland Eriksen (red.): Grenser for kultur: Perspektiver fra norsk minoritetsforskning. Pax: Oslo 2007 (joint publication with Ada Engebrigtsen)

2009: ‘Fractured Sovereignty: LTTE’s Statebuilding in a Global World’, in C. Brun & T. Jazeel (eds.): Spatialising Politics: culture, difference and geography in postcolonial Sri Lanka, Sage India 2009


Project Title: