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Professor Susan Legêne

Project Role: 


IP Leader
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Arts - History Department De Boelelaan 1105 (12A-29) 1081 HV Amsterdam The Netherlands
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 Susan Legêne is professor of Political History at VU University, Faculty of Arts/History Department. Prior to this, she was head of the Curatorial Department of the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. 

Research Interests: 

 Colonialism and processes of decolonization in relationship to nation building and (transnational) citizenship, both in Europe and in the once colonial countries.


2008. Collection policies and approaches   (2008-   2012) of the Tropenmuseum, With Koos van Brakel Amsterdam KIT Publishers (Bulletin


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2008. ‘Flatirons and the Folds of History: On Archives, Cultural Heritage

and Colonial Legacies’ In Travelling Heritages: New Perspectives. Askant, pp 47-64.

2007. 'Mission Interrupted: Gender, History and   the Colonial Canon,' with Berteke Waaldijk,. In: M. Grever and S. Stuurman (eds), Beyond the Canon. History  for the Twenty-first Century. New York:Palgrave Macmillan,pp. 188-204. 

2007. ‘Enlightenment, Empathy, Retreat: The Cultural Heritage of the

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2007. From India to Suriname: A journey into the future narrated by two photograph albums (1913-1930). Allahabad: Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya – GB Pant Institute, [Bidesia Occasional papers Series no. 2).

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2003. ‘De mythe van een etnisch homogene nationale identiteit 

Kanttekeningen bij de verwerking van

het koloniale verleden in de

Nederlandse geschiedenis’ in  Tijdschrft voor Geschiedenis 116(4), pp.


Professor Elizabeth Edwards

Project Role: 


Project Leader
De Montfort University, Leicester
Photographic History Research Centre, Portland Building, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH
United Kingdom
+44 (0)116 257 7670
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Project Title: 
Research Interests: 

Photographs as material culture, the senses and emotion.

Photography and historical imagination in the UK

Cross-cultural perspectives in photographic practice.

Photographs and visual history

Relationship between photography and museum practice.

The history of photograph collections in anthropology.

The relationship between anthropology, photography and history.


 2009. Photography, Anthropology and History (ed, with C. Morton).Aldershot: Ashgate.

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and Theory, 48 (4):130-150.

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Visual Arts, New Haven/London, Yale University

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2008. ‘Straightforward and Ordered: Amateur Photographic Surveys and  

Scientific Aspiration 1885

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In James Paradis (ed.

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with C.Gosden & R Philips.

Oxford: Berg.

2006. ‘Photographs and the Sound of History’ Visual Anthropology Review 


2004. Photographs Objects Histories: On the Materiality of Images,  ed.  

with Janice Hart. London:


2001. Raw Histories: Photographs, Anthropology and Museums. Oxford: 



Photographs, Colonial Legacy and Museums in Contemporary European Culture (PhotoCLEC)

Project Title: 

This project asks “what is the role of the photographic legacy of colonial relations in the identity of a fluid and multi-cultural modern Europe and its global relations?”


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