Archaeological findings in Grenada

Artifacts depicting aspects of the life of earlier settlers to the island of Grenada are being discovered on the eastern side of the island, as archaeologists conduct research in a village in big parish St Andrew.

Experimental house building at the 16th century Carib site of Argyle, St Vincent

An experimental Carib house will be constructed in St Vincent on the basis of the floorplans found at the 16th century Carib site of Argyle during January and February 2016. This initiative is co-supported by HERA, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines International Development company LtD, and the ministry of Tourism of St. Vincent.

The image shows the first steps to building the house.

The external link shows the media coverage of the event by the local news channel (minutes 25-29)

Interview: Hofman, C.L. ‘Giving the Caribbean an indigenous past'

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Movie explaining ceramic research

Publication in EOS Magazine (Dutch Language) by Professor Hofman and Professor Degryse

Hofman, C.L. and Degryse, P (2014), "De Kleine Antillen zijn een vergeten hoofdstuk in de wereldgeschienis", EOS Wetenschap March 2014, pp. 70-73 [Online], Available from:

Reconstruction of Amerindian Village St. Vincent – Completed by local volunteers

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Local volunteers have successfully completed the reconstruction of an Amerindian village at Argyle, St. Vincent that was initiated with HERA last January. The site was initially excavated by CARIB archaeologists Dr. Corinne Hofman and Dr. Menno Hoogland and revealed floor plans of a number of Amerindian houses. The reconstruction was based on these excavated floor plans and detailed descriptions of 16th century travellers.

Now five huts have been successfully completed in an initiative led by local volunteers from the Forestry Division, under the guidance of Park Ranger Mr. Erasto Robinson from the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority of St. Vincent. The Cayo Village is an outstanding contribution to the island’s heritage; documenting the history of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and its earliest inhabitants. It will also be a tourist attraction, and will offer for sale local arts, crafts, entertainment and indigenous foods.


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