HERA’s Response to the EU Commission’s Proposal for Horizon Europe

Posted: 26 July, 2018

The humanities have a lot to offer for innovation and research: culture and values are as important as economics for an industrially competitive and innovative Europe. As a response to the EU Commission proposal for Horizon Europe, HERA makes the following suggestions:




  • Provide a fair and more even spread of the budget between the five clusters, with a budget of €6 billion for the cluster “Inclusive and secure societies”, spread evenly over the six intervention areas.
  • To keep in mind that cultural and historical conditions and values are needed in tackling global challenges and fostering industrial competitiveness and that these human factors are taken into account in all of Horizon Europe.
  • Provide €10 billion for integrative activities in research, on human factors in research and innovation spread over all pillars.
  • To explicitly add social sciences, humanities and their expertise on the human factor as a cross-cutting issue into Horizon Europe’s legal foundation and provide the grounds for evaluation and monitoring of this aspect, as well as for formulating future work programmes.




HERA’s full response to the EU Commission’s Proposal for Horizon Europe can be found here.







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