HERA Spotlight: Radio Research going Viral

Posted: 14 February, 2017

It’s February 10th 2017. I’m travelling from Sunderland to London to talk about the HERA funded Transnational Radio Encounters (TRE) Project at a ‘World Radio Day’ event organised by SOAS Radio at the University of London. My presentation consists of a couple of slides and one URL address: http://radio.garden/ I am confident that the presentation will go down well because apart from my brother in law (long story…) every single person that I have shown our research outcomes to, from students, colleagues, friends and radio academics all over the world to radio industry professionals, taxi drivers and shopkeepers,  have been incredibly enthusiastic. To date Radio Garden has had over 18 million views and every day I’ve found a succession of ecstatic tweets from every continent of the world. How did this happen?



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